Sport Guard

If you’re a lifelong surfer, behold, a truly revolutionary product.  Sport Guard’s Ribguard Aqua protects your ribs and sternum from a continual beating from your board and the sea.    Jack and Manya Hozen, surfers for more than 20 years, saw a need and filled it.

Like many entrepreneurs, they started a web store on their own, using one of the many large Shopify-like eCommerce do-it-yourself software services.  They succeeded, but the result was less than what they hoped for.  The software was slow and customers didn’t like being sent off site to purchase their gear.  Sales were lost.

To get as many sales as possible, the process must be easy and natural.  Sending people to an offsite store is a BAD idea.

Apollo put together a lightning fast site site that has only what is necessary to show off the technology and to make the sales process intuitive and effective.   We love working with WooCommerce and our clients have an easy time learning how to use it.  Jack and Manya now manage their own store and rarely need my help.  They’ve also taken on Apollo to create another project… stay tuned.


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