Sikana Publishing

Teach, assess, inform, persuade, and entertain

The folks at Sikana are content creation wizards, supplying educational content to larger publishing companies.  Sikana sought out Apollo to re-invent their brand and we teamed up with Silverton designers Glen and Brittany Beyer to give Sikana a new look.

sikana-web-designThis site boasts an “Authors Only Area” which serves as a gathering place for the company’s community of freelance authors.  With chat capability and private messaging, remote employees can expect to stay more engaged and connected.  In addition, management can post training materials to share with remote employees.

With so many excellent authors on hand, we can expect to see Sikana’s blog really take off.

Blogging is a great way to encourage people to come to your site and become more familiar with your brand.

The site’s  vintage typewriters and pastel color palette create a relaxed browsing atmosphere.  According to Hoefler & Co, the creators of the Gotham Rounded typeface,  the font is “Serious. Sometimes.” This is our first project utilizing Hoefler’s ScreenSmart font sets. These fonts are created for the web.  We think they look incredible on this site and we’re very excited to be using them.


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